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Matías Fernández

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Fields of Study

Historical and comparative sociology, political sociology, development, economic sociology, history of political and economic thought, Latin American liberalisms and neoliberalisms.



Araos, C., Cea, M., Fernández, M., Valenzuela. 2014. “The Role of School Context on Marihuana Use in Chile: A Classroom-level Analysis.” Deviant Behavior 35(5):412-32.

Fernández, M. 2012. “The socioeconomic impact of drug-related crimes in Chile.” International Journal of Drug Policy, 23(6): 465-472.

Fernández, M. 2012. “The socioeconomic cost of illicit drug consumption in Chile.” CEPAL Review 107: 87-105. Fernández, M. 2012.

“El Costo Socioeconómico del Consumo de Drogas Ilegales en Chile.” Revista de la Cepal, 107: 93-114.

Valenzuela, E., Fernández, M. 2011. “The Sequence of Drug Use: Testing the Gateway Hypothesis in Latin America.” The Journal of International Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Research, 1: 1-8.

Fernández, M. 2011. “¿Democracia Radical o Plural? Sobre los Límites Políticos y Teóricos del Antagonismo” (Radical or plural democracy? On the Political and Theoretical Limitations of Antagonism). Revista de pensamiento político, 1: 41-50.


“Authoritarianism by other means? The politics of clientelism and expertise in two cities.”

“In the Name of Freedom. Moral Justifications for Freeing Markets and Closing the State in Chile.”


Fernández, M., Ordóñez, M. 2007. “Participación Ciudadana en la Agenda Gubernamental de 2007: Caracterización de los Compromisos” (Citizen Participation in the 2007 Government's Agenda: A Characterization of the Commitments). Third Barometer of Citizenship, Research Report, Innovation & Citizenship NGO, Santiago Chile.


Rogers Brubaker (Chair), César Ayala, Sebastian Edwards, Kevan Harris, CK Lee


C. Phil Sociology, UCLA (2016)

MA Sociology, UCLA (2014)

Licenciate (BA) and professional title in Sociology (highest honors), Universidad Católica de Chile (2009)