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Christopher Rea

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I study markets, politics, and environmental regulation.

Slightly more precisely, my research explores the political dynamics of market economies, institutional emergence, regulation, and the social production of scientific knowledge. I have published on newly developing command-and-commodify modes of environmental regulation, the political mobilization of firms and industries, and the social-contextual correlates of vaccine exemption. Please see my personal website for more information.

Fields of Study

Economic sociology, political sociology, environmental sociology, social movements, science and technology, health politics and policy.


Rea, Christopher M. Forthcoming. "Theorizing command-and-commodify regulation: the case of species conservation banking in the United States." Theory & Society.

Walker, Edward T. and Christopher M. Rea. 2016. "Pediatric Care Provider Density and Personal Belief Exemptions From Vaccine Requirements in California Kindergartens.'' American Journal of Public Health 106(7), 1336-1341

Rea, Christopher M. 2015. “Commodifying Conservation.” Contexts 14(1), 72-3.

Edward T. Walker and Christopher M. Rea. 2014. “The Political Mobilization Of Firms And Industries.” Annual Review of Sociology 40, 281-304.

Grants and Awards

Early Career Workshop Award, Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), 2016

U.S. EPA STAR Fellow, 2013-2016

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, UCLA, 2013

Graduate Research Mentorship, UCLA, 2012-2013

Department of Sociology Excellence in Teaching Award, UCLA, 2011-2012

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, UCLA, 2012

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (Honorable Mention), 2012

New Science Teacher Academy Amgen Fellow, National Science Teacher Association, 2008

New Science Teacher Academy Associate Fellow, National Science Teacher Association, 2007

Albert C. Erickson '30 Research Award in Physics, Clark University, 2005


Michael Mann (co-chair)

Ching Kwan Lee (co-chair)

Fred Block

Hannah Landecker

Edward Walker


C. Phil Sociology, 2014, UCLA

MA Sociology, 2012, UCLA

MA Teaching, 2007, Clark University

BA Physics, 2006, Clark University